Flooring and its trends

Different textures, feels, colors and materials can completely change the mood and ambiance of a room or home. It is vital to understand the look and feel you want before choosing the flooring for your home. Wood versus tile or carpet is only the first step. In addition, there is a myriad of new materials such as cork or specialty linoleums and laminate that can look as good as or better than the traditional materials.  More industrial looks such as concrete are also becoming quite popular.


Tiles are available in options such as terracotta, ceramic, granite, marble, limestone and slate.  The patterns74
and variations of color are limitless. Generally, marble, granite and any natural stone will require more care
than some other tiles because they are porous, they can be damaged with the wrong cleaners also. This is
something to keep in mind when you’re deciding on your materials. However, natural stone adds opulence in the
case of polished stones and with unfinished stone, a rustic or natural feel.  In addition, tiles are generally
harder wearing and longer-lasting than other floor materials such as carpet or wood so they are perfect for
high traffic areas.


Alternative flooring such as concrete or cork can add a fashion forward edge to many homes or apartments. Cork is excellent for apartment living as it’s a natural material that softens the noise from shoes on the floors above. It also adds warmth and character due to its natural material and unusual look.


purple cropped Concrete is great to add an industrial complement to an already industrial design or as contrast to a more traditional design. There are some extremely expensive looking Concrete materials are in the market now which are beating the look and opulence of even marble.  It is called “RESINSA DECORATIVE FLOOR”.  It has the cement durability and a seamless flooring surface with no joints since is poured and finished directly on the floor. Design and color options are endless. Currently DaVinci is using the material in their high end apartments lobby. It lends a very versatile looks and feel and can be completely customize to your taste for design and colors.


Wood floors are enjoying unprecedented popularity since the 70s. The warmth of the look of wood with the added benefit that wood does not feel cold underneath bare feet, is a great reason to use it in common areas in the house. It also does not stain easily. However, wood does require regular maintenance and upkeep that tile does not. Newer wood floors such as engineered flooring may or may not be able to be refinished. This is an important detail to ask your builder and flooring providers as it will shorten/lengthen the life of floors.

96_Covecreek_Mews_NE-18 Laminate floors are beautiful nowadays and come in finishes that rival or surpass even those of natural wood         floors. Unfortunately, they can become damaged by water and the superior finishes can be as (or more) costly than real wood. In addition, they cannot be refinished and thus, they can become outdated.  However, the superior quality laminates offer great longevity as far as time and come with guarantees. If choosing a classic look, this can be a great option.



Carpets are still very common in the bedrooms and upper floors of a house because they also dampen foot traffic noise. In addition, they are comfortable to walk on and add a homey & luxurious feel to private areas of the house. With small children around, they alleviate worry of kids hurting themselves from falls. There are so many new options now available in terms of Berber, printed designs, shag and underlay that it’s very easy for a homeowner to put their personal stamp on the home’s design while still using this consumer friendly flooring!  Carpets also hide flaws in a home where wood floors may require perfect straight walls etc.

Whatever flooring materials you choose, remember to coordinate and contrast the colors. Try to imagine the floors beneath your feet; feel is as important as the look!